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Now here is a HOT Hollywood hair styling item which is popular throughout most of the top Celebrity salons in town, the Sheila Stotts detangling brush. This brush was mainly designed to be used on women with extensions in their hair, but the more I use it on clients with severe tangles in their hair the more I love it. The metal bristles are designed to help take the tangles out while the soft bed they are attached to make it easy for the bristles to gently move throughout the hair making for an easy smooth FAST detangling process. This brush is absolutely amazing for out of the shower and getting tangles out or if you have been swimming in a pool or the beach. It is also very safe to use on fine hair since it will not rip hair off. Overall I love this brush!

Remember: Soft gentle stroke when brushing on wet hair is always best  to avoid  snags and loss of hair.



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Erick started his career as head assistant to a top Celebrity Colorist at The John Frieda Salon, with clients which include, Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, Laura Dern, Diane Keaton and many others and is now growing clientele working as a Hollywood hair colorist at Jonathan and George Salon in Beverly Hills. Erick is the founder of and created this resourceful blog for anyone who LOVES hair.

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