Jeffrey Sanker presents New Year’s Eve Parties

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Can’t decide where you want to spend New Year’s Eve? Jeffrey Sanker has you covered. With coast-to-coast New Year’s Eve celebrations in Los Angeles and Miami as well as Rio de Janeiro, Jeffrey Sanker is planning the biggest and best events in the Americas! The hottest men in the world will be on hand to ring in the New Year and dance to the sexy, sassy sounds of a sensational line up of world-famous DJ’s. Tickets for Los Angeles and Miami are available at or by calling (310) 860-0101. Information is available at

Masterbeat 2004: New Year’s Eve, Los Angeles: Jeffrey Sanker and Brett Henrichsen present A Night in the Pyramid at the Grand Olympic Auditorium, downtown Los Angeles, 9pm-9am. Come experience the magic of ancient Egypt. Spend a night with the pharaohs next to the River Nile, dance inside a giant pyramid with hot, sexy men from all over the globe and greet the sun god Ra as New Year’s Day dawns and a new year is born. Celebrate the midnight countdown in high Egyptian style, revel in the mystical sounds of DJ’s Brett Henrichsen and Phil B., and marvel at the breathtaking visual performances by Adam Killian, the fabulous Flava and the hot go-go gods of ancient Egypt. Get lost in the full bodied state-of-the-art thundering sound, release yourself into the mesmerizing lights designed by Bryan Holcombe, enjoy the richness of the royal décor by Designs by Sean and spectacular costumes by Sean de Freitas. Refresh yourself in this oasis in the desert complete with lush vegetation and brimming with the mysteries of ancient times. There will be many New Year’s Eve surprises throughout the night that will keep even the Sphinx wondering what will happen next. $80 until October 31, $90 until December 15, $100 after.

The Morning Party: New Year’s Day, Los Angeles: For the first time, Jeffrey Sanker and Brett Henrichsen join forces with John Wojas of Resolution to present the most amazing Morning Party ever to hit Los Angeles! The beautiful Mayan Theater plays host to this dazzling event which is just minutes from the Grand Olympic Auditorium. Doors open at 6am as hometown favorite DJ Manny Lehman throws down his hottest, tastiest beats in order to steam up the dance floor and keep you dancing well into the first day of the New Year. Forget the Rose Bowl parade; you don’t care about football; the only thing you want to do on New Year’s Day is dance and the only place to do that is here! Don’t deny yourself this special indulgence; you deserve it! So, experience the unified team of Jeffrey Sanker, Brett Henrichsen and John Wojas as they bring the community together for this one time only event!

Jungle Heat: New Year’s Eve, Miami: Treetop Exhibit Hall at Parrot Jungle, 10pm-7am. Bring in the New Year at Miami’s newest and most exciting venue! Just minutes from South Beach, across Biscayne Bay, you will enter another world and experience first hand the heat of the jungle. A separate private entrance will lead you into a tropical rainforest where you will follow a path deep into the heart of the jungle and unmask your wildest fantasies. A full night of the hot, sultry sounds of Miami’s own tribal King, DJ Abel, will bring out the animal in you! A spectacular midnight countdown, wild performances and sizzling, sexy men will keep you dancing all night long on the 15,000 square foot dance floor. An outdoor terrace provides a dazzling view of the Miami skyline. Anything can happen in the wilds of the jungle. . .so come prepared for adventure.
Environmental Décor & Massive Show Themes: Designs by Sean. Tribal Performances: New Century Dance Company. Jungle Illusions: Power Infinity. Jungle Lights: Ross Berger. $80 till December 15, $90 after, $100 door.

Morning Magic: New Year’s Day, Miami: Maze, 8am-5pm. Emerge from the heat of the jungle and immerse yourself in the magic of the morning. This is the Morning Party that left everyone breathless last year and is the only place to be on New Year’s Day 2004. DJ Roland Belmares, direct from Los Angele GO West Hollywood GO WEHO LGBT Entertainment News and Industry

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