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Special Interviews r.e. COVID-19 on ‘Blunt Post’

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“The Blunt Post with Vic” on KPFK presents this special program on the coronavirus COVID-19 (recorded March 16, 2020), including interviews with two leading infectious disease specialists, Dr. James Cherry of UCLA and Dr. Jerome De Vente of APLA Health. Click the player below:

Vic Gerami is an award-winning journalist, columnist, media commentator, and the host of the prime-time national news & politics program "The Blunt Post With Vic," (TBPV) on Independent / Progressive Radio KPFK 90.7 FM (Pacifica Network). Vic is also the editor-publisher of "The Blunt Post." He is also a contributor for some of the most prominent publications in the nation, including GoWeHo, The Advocate, Windy City Times, California Courier, IN Magazine, OUT Traveler, The Fight, Bay Area Reporter, among others.

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