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Madonna’s Hollywood

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After the mishap of “American Life,” Madonna has returned to form with the release of “Hollywood,” the strongest track off her new album. The single, “American Life,” bombed on the charts and the final version of the video was awful. Considering this was the lead track off the album, if you don’t include “Die Another Day,” Madonna had made a major blunder, which is unusual for the marketing genius.

Her new single, “Hollywood,” is a great dance song, which is what Madonna does best and what helped her reach the top in the first place. The video is also sexy and glamorous showing Madonna in different time periods. In the video, when she has blond hair, she looks like she rolled back the clock ten years and the Madonna of the early 90s has returned. Hopefully the single will do well and create some interest for her new album.

By Clint Romag

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