Men’s Formal Dressing Style Tips from The Golden Globes

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Most men fall in a fashion danger zone when it comes to dressing for black tie events. Taking a lead from these dapper Hollywood stars, here are a few formal styling tips from the Golden Globes.

1- Try a classic tux. Jeremy Renner was the best dressed male at the Globes. He kept it clean and simple wearing a well-tailored Dior Homme tuxedo with a Van Cleef & Arpels watch. Known for his petit stature, his jacket is cut to lengthen his legs, but not his torso. Oh So Gatsby!


2. Match your vest. The key to rocking the three-piece tux is matching the vest so it doesn’t stand out like a teen going to prom. Benedict Cumberbatch (left) has a relatively tiny frame and this vest adds depth and gives her a stronger silhouette.


4. Try and dinner jacket. Eddie Redmaye (right) has been on my style radar lately and made my best dressed list. I admire his choice to try this black velvet Hugo Boss number without looking like “the help.”


5. Go for a classic break. I love me some Bradley Cooper, but his look fell flat from the waist down with his baggy pant break. This caused deep, horizontal creases in the pant leg, making him look sloppy. Bradley should take note from Hugh Jackman (except bringing his beard/mom to the Globes) who went for a well-tailored classic break.
Here’s your break guide:
1. Essentially the break is the horizontal line in the fabric that happens where your pants hit your shoes. The length of your pant legs and the type of shoe determines how pronounced the break is.
2. Opt for a classic break. Your pants will fall so that they’re covering the top of your shoe and parts of the laces, while the hem will slope toward the sole in the back resulting in a mild horizontal break.
* Fashion forward guys with long lean legs can try a short break.  Your pants will hit just below the tops of your shoes. It gives a very sleek, tailored look and is something to consider if the conservative medium break is not your thing.

Melissa Chataigne is LA-based stylist and host who has brought her affordable and sophistication stylings to television, online, and print media for over 7 years. Melissa has worked with numerous celebrities such Lindsay Lohan, Niecy Nash, Luke Robitaille, Mint Condition, and Mark Salling. Melissa has provided how-to style solutions and trend spotting tips on, Clevver TV,, Splash News TV, as well as her own blog

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