News Release: Presents “The West Hollywood Story”

By  | boasts the premier of “The West Hollywood Story”, an illustrated weekly serial depicting a colorful cast in a gay romantic comedy with a dark twist. A blend of literature, technology and visual art, the yearlong series updates on Sundays and is accessible to anyone online at “The West Hollywood Story” debuts on April 10, 2005.

“Take all the glamour, drama and scandal of West Hollywood, shake it like a cocktail and pour – that’s what you get with this fabulous story,” says Publisher Glinda Monroe.

“The West Hollywood Story” begins when Seven and two of his roommates cope with the loss of their former roommate, Patrick, a metrosexual who falls to his death from a nightclub balcony during an overdose of GHB, a rampant club drug. Their search for a new roommate ends with Aaron, a 21-year-old, closeted farm boy from Bakersfield, Calif.

Juxtaposing Seven’s wisdom with Aaron’s naivety, Seven’s jadedness with Aaron’s curiosity and other apparent dualities, author Mickel Angelo Paris drives the story through the characters’ paths of self-discovery, which proves to be a hilarious, yet tragic tale.

“The fusion of media makes The West Hollywood Story an art of its own,” said Paris. “The illustrations give it a sketch-book feel similar to the A-Ha music video from the 80’s, while the modern issues and messages propagated online create a sense of now.” provides a free forum for local artists to present their work and ideas about writing, music and local events. For publishing or advertising opportunities or for more on “The West Hollywood Story”, send inquiries to Information about the author of The West Hollywood Story is available at GO West Hollywood GO WEHO LGBT Entertainment News and Industry

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