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The Beatles Naked Soon

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The Beatles are releasing a new version of “Let It Be” called “Let It Be… Naked” on November 11th. During the late 60s, the Beatles began to implode, with John wanting to spend all his time with Yoko and Paul wanting to renew the band by touring. They were fighting and the recording sessions for “Let It Be” were finally closed, the music shelved. The Beatles went on to record Abbey Road, considered to be on of their best albums. The fighting continued and no one had the energy or desire to return to “Let It Be” so John Lennon brought in Phil Spector who was famous for his wall of sound production. Phil sorted through the hours of tape and produced “Let It Be” adding strings choral voices to the songs. Paul hated it, especially Phil’s version of “The Long and Winding Road,” but there was nothing he could do because by that time The Beatles had broken up.

So now, The Beatles are releasing “Let it Be… Naked,” which will not include Phil Spector’s production, instead it will be closer to the sound The Beatles originally planned. It will have a bare sound, with just The Beatles in the studio playing live with their instruments. The new album will also include “Don’t Let Me Down” which wasn’t on the original.

Here is the Track Listing:

1. Get Back

2. Dig A Pony

3. For You Blue

4. The Long And Winding Road

5. Two Of Us

6. I’ve Got A Feeling

7. One After 909

8. Don’t Let Me Down

9. I Me Mine

10. Across The Universe

11. Let It Be

By Clint Romag

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