The Powder Interview: Part 1

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The Powder Interview

Powder is to Turbo Pop as Nirvana was to Grunge Music. Each introduced to the Music Industry an entirely new look, sound and feel, with reverberating lyrics and incredible guitar strings that defined a new musical paradigm. With Powder, the new music is just as much eye candy as it is jaw dropping, meaning that you can’t have it all unless you’ve seen them live.

As they were preparing for their recent live performance in West Hollywood on June 22nd for the Christopher Street West Festival, I was given a rare and insightful look at how this particular Turbo Pop band views itself: as a fan screaming from the rafters begging for a dazzling display. I believe that this is the magic which makes Powder pop.

In the Backseat with Ninette and Phil

Mickel: Where did the name Powder originate?

Ninette: Inside of a car! We were thinking of a new project we were working on 2 1/2 years ago. Phil said, ” What are we gonna call it?” And I sat there for a few seconds and said, “‘Powder!’ We’re calling it ‘Powder!'” And Phil goes, “OK. Let’s call it ‘Powder!'”

Mickel: The phrase”turbo pop” comes up a lot when people talk about Powder. What exactly is “turbo pop?”

Phil: We came up with that category because there wasn’t one that we fell into. Basically, turbo pop is very hooky melodic songs, with an aggressive delivery — like with the aggressive guitars and those loops we use when we play live. That’s where turbo pop came from.

Mickel: So you really invented the phrase…

Phil: I guess we did! We were driving around and were like, “Man, we’re not rockin’, we’re not poppin’, what the hell are we? TURBO POP! Woo!”

Ninette: We come up with a lot of stuff while we’re driving! (laughter)

Mickel: (laughter) Do you write a lot of your songs while driving?

Ninette: Yes!

Phil: Some of them, yeah!

Mickel: What highway have most of your songs originated from?

Ninette: Mostly side roads! (laughter) GO West Hollywood GO WEHO LGBT Entertainment News and Industry

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