VEGAS: Blue Man Group

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Blue Man Group is like no other show in Vegas. It’s a visual and musical experience that is powerful and centered on the Blue Man Group, three men, painted in blue, who never speak throughout the show. Many of the bits are comedic and there is lots of crowd interaction especially for the finale.

When they pick a volunteer from the audience, the music starts blasting, all three of them stare, with their eyes wide open from the stage, before they launch into the crowd, climbing over chairs, staring at a person as if they were going to pick them before moving on to the next. Finally, after some time all three converge onto one person and stare at her until they escort her down to the stage.

On each side of the stage is a 15-foot high circular container filled with water. Around the base, are bronze statues of human figures contorted in different positions. During one point of the show, two screens display giant eyes looking down at the audience as a screen scrolls word across about how the brain processes information. Our eyes are blind for fractions at a time as it processes information. That is the reason why still pictures moving at very fast speeds blend together and create moving pictures, movies. At this point, the lights go out, music starts blasting from the live band, dressed in glow in the dark outfits, and the bronze statues start spinning. They go so fast that the statues appear to stop spinning and start moving up and dance in a strange sort of dance. It’s a fantastic experience to see statues come to life in almost an instant.

Another comedic bit centers on marshmallows. Each time a Blue Man catches a marshmallows in his mouth the crowd is suppose to cheer. At one point, a Blue Man is thrown at least a dozen and he catches each one in his mouth, not spitting any out.

Throughout the show, the audience is dazzled by the visuals and the unique music of the Blue Man Group, which climaxes into a finale that deals with tissue paper. Definitely go see this show next time you’re in Vegas. Remember to hang around the lobby afterwards. The Blue Men go out and pose for pictures, always staying in character by never talking or smiling.

By Clint Romag

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